The biggest challenge for a someone looking for rentals is that many owners self manage, so don't use an Anchorage Alaska REALTOR or real estate agent.

We would like to help give you a couple of pointers to help you find a rental property. There are basically a several different websites when considering a rental.

  •, Since most owners self manage this is the most widely used website. It does come with challenges though. First do not give up any personal information, unless you are face to face after viewing the property. If you have questions or concerns you may call Better Business Bureau or feel free to call us with questions. Finally remember if its too good to be true it probably is.
  •, This site will primarily focus on Eagle River and the surrounding area. A great site primarily used by JBER.
  •, This is the public site to the Alaska Multiple Listing site. These are rentals where the owner has enlisted the services of an Anchorage Alaska REALTOR or real estate agent. Click Here for a full list of current rentals on this site.
  •, This site may have some rentals not on other sites, but again be careful as described in above. Most of these listing should also be in the website.

Currently Available Anchorage & Eagle River Rentals